Chen Song

Fellow and assistant professor at Cardiff University.

Head of the Brain Complexity and Consciousness Group at Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC).

A central idea in biology is that structure determines function, and conversely, function modifies structure. The structure of the human brain varies substantially across individuals and exhibits marked plasticity within individuals. The variability and plasticity offer a natural tool to study the correlational and causal relations between brain structure, function, and cognition. My current research on this topic follows two inter-linked lines, where I investigate (1) how the structure of visual cortex affects neural function and human perception, and (2) how sleep benefits cognition by improving brain structure for better functionality. From these studies, I wish to gain an understanding of what constitutes an optimal brain structure, and explore how that may be achieved through brain plasticity.

Research interests: consciousness, perception, sleep, network science, neuroimaging methods