SkuldNet receives funding!

SkuldNet principal investigator Dr Hab. Michał Wierzchoń has received an OPUS grant from the National Science Center Poland to fund SkuldNet activities based at the Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland.

The project aims to build MRI based neuroarchitectural maps for 300 healthy participants and link these maps to individual differences in a wide range of aspects of visual and auditory conscious experience: near-threshold perception, bistable perception, illusions and introspection/metacognition. Additional TMS studies are planned to determinate in noninvasive manner the causal role of neuroarchitectural features linked to conscious experience. A main theoretical aim of the project is to examine the relative contributions of frontal versus posterior cortical areas in conscious experience.

The project was ranked 2nd of all proposals submitted to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences panel 6 (HS6: psychology, pedagogy/education studies, sociology) and received PLN 1,717,940 (€400,000). The project will employ a postdoctoral research fellow and three PhD students, and it is conducted in collaboration with Dr Kristian Sandberg and other SkuldNet members.